Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Luxor Pattern - Smooth W/Single Center Flute

Oops! Yet another variation on the Luxor headlight. This is a No.50 with smooth shell, but with a flute down the top center.

This dilapidated 1940s Olmo recently showed-up on eBay-Italy (blue bike). Poor photos reveal little except the toothed dropouts for a Campagnolo sliding hub shifter, and a Universal front brake with qr. What a mess... first one I've seen that was in worse shape than the one I bought a few years ago (green bike in last two pics, before and after overhaul).

The red seattube panel is interesting... no hint of color other than blue on the headtube. The seatstays and chainstays clearly had about six inches of chrome... the fork is too far gone to be certain. The fork crown was probably chrome, although the headlugs were not.

My bike is almost certainly a respray. The headlugs and crown are chrome, but the ends are not. I really should get some better pictures of the green bike... sun is out, so maybe today?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Camel on French eBay

This Camel bike appeared on eBay-France. Local pick-up only, but look closely... "Knobbly" fenders, and honeycomb w/ribs Luxor #65 headlight and taillight. This fender pattern would match those knobbly Luxor lights (

Interesting to see how the front fender brace passes through the holes in the headlight mount - I'd wondered about the holes. Also note the white plastic spacer at the bottom of the mount - so now we've seen these in white and medium blue.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Luxor Taillight Shopping Guide, Pt.1

The story so far... still missing the smooth shell, fluted, and zeppelin models, but here's a summary of the four shells and two lenses I've obtained so far:

Top to bottom - honeycomb with attached lower keel spacer, honeycomb, honeycomb with flutes, and knobbly.

Left column - with ringed lens. Right column - with diamond lens.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Green-Anodized JOS!

This surprise popped-up up on eBay-France - a JOS 513 headlight with the eyelid visor, and a green-anodized shell. I've only obtained one other colored aluminum French light, a red-anodized 65mm of unknown manufacturer. I wonder if JOS did a complete spectrum of gold, blue, and black anodizing? Same seller had an unknown headlight with interesting top crest, and a SELF dynamo.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Odds-n-Ends Lights From Both Ends of the Bike

Various lights found on French eBay. The first one is a nice, rare "SELF" with visor. Second light looks like a Radios with replacement lens from an old car. The "ROB" at the bottom is probably from the same people who made Ducellier.

Calcium Carbide Luxor Lights Catch-All Collection

Once in awhile I find images of lights which, although outside my normal focus, are really quite fascinating. Here is a selection of images of Luxor carbide lights I've found on eBay-France.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back To Buying Luxor Lights

Finally had a bit of luck again on eBay... won auctions for three French reflectors, a hammered Luxor taillight with the little filler wedge (Hi Gunnar) on the bottom, and an extremely rare paring of smooth (no pattern) Luxor taillight and #50 (small) headlight.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shave Your Cat

A Song For People Who Have Developed An Allergy To Their Pet Cats
(music and lyrics by Aldo Ross, © 2002 StormFrontMusic)

Shave your cat everyday
Keep that cat fur at bay
Shave your cat, shave your cat,

Shave your name in his side
So when he passes by
People know he's your cat
And you shaved him like that

Small goatee, Fu-Man-Chu
One eyebrow, or maybe two
Perhaps sideburns would be
Just the thing

Shave his tail like a fox
Give him little argyle socks
Shave your cat, shave your cat