Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Taillights From France

French eBay sellers "motosavoy" and "rhclassics" have included these interesting taillights in recent auctions. From top to bottom - a. Radios fender-top lights with top-mounted indicator (missing indicator lens); b. same again, but side view, with inidicator lens in place; c. Radios C 134 with central radiator-shaped reflector; d. unkown manufacturer with reflector in base and white lens on back of top red lens (probably for illuminating license plate on moped/motorcyle); Jos "space capsule" with ring lens and central round reflector - this one sold for almost $300!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Luxor La Paon 50 and Matching Taillight

Another lovely example of a Luxor 50 "La Paon" pattern headlight and matching taillight. I got outbid on these, but won a La Paon reflector... can't (afford) to win them all!

Campagnolo Cottered Bottom Bracket

Always a surprise to those new to collecting vintage bikes and parts, Campagnolo DID produce a cottered bottom bracket set. I rarely see these in used condition - perhaps they are still spinning along in high-end bikes. When NOS units show up, you can expect to pay $250 to $300. I'd love to have one in my '53 Learco Guerra, but not until I can find a good used example.