Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grilled Luxor Headlight

Not from a bicycle, but rather a motorbike, this grill-fronted Luxor headlight is certainly worth a look. Has a 1930s comic book look to it. Note the options for the switch...

Peter Craig Martin emailed to explain that "Phare" and "Code" are the French equivalents for what we in the USA call "high beam" and "low beam".

Jan Heine added the following:

"Can't read the writing on the right and left near the screws. Is it a 2-position switch, or does it also toggle right and left? In the technical trials after the war, bikes had to have generator-powered lights, but also a provision for a standlight. This was before electronics in bicycle lights, so most makers used a small battery, and a similar switch, often even labeled "phare" and "code"."

Looks like the switch is labeled "DYN" (for "dynamo") on the left, and "PILE" (French for battery) on the right, so this is indeed a two-axis toggle switch. Thanks to Remo for explaining PILE in the comments.

Monday, November 24, 2008


(by Aldo Ross)

Tubasti on the sidewalls
Tubasti on the spokes
Tubasti on the workbench
And a bunch of cotter bolts

Tubasti on the visegrips
Tubasti on my arm
Tubasti on my chin and cheek
I hope it won't cause harm

Tubasti on the light switch
Tubasti on the cats
Tubasti on my shoes and socks
And on my car's floor mats

Tubasti on the carpet
Tubasti in my hair
I tried to glue just one damn tire
Now Tubasti's everywhere!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Luxor Hammered Taillight

Here's another fully-hammered Luxor "65" headlight (without lens) and what is possibly a Luxor taillight, also fully-hammered.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asleep At The Switch

Ooops... This one slipped by on eBay-France - a beautiful NOS Luxor 50 with orignal box and spare bulbs. Anyone we know win it?

Unwrapping Crepe Paper

Unwrapping crepe paper from the new frame
Brilliant red paint appearing beneath corrugated beige
Decorating the workstand for colorblind prom

First test ride on a cold morning
New tape, new shoes, new tires
First jump, first sprint to the School Crossing sign

Long March training rides
The bright silvery smell of impending snow
Stopping for hot coffee and oatmeal cookies

First race of the season
Sleepess night spent pedalling in bed
Still yawning on the starting line

Checking VeloNews for upcoming races
Big-money event, but too far away
Calling around for a shared ride

Summer school of real racing
Long days spent on hot asphalt
Sleeping in the car on the drive home

Prime sprint for a sixpack of Pepsi
Easily won with a long acceleration
Guys in the pack are laughing

Taking stock late in a crit
Yelling, pushing, fighting for position
As the final lap approaches

Hilly roadrace on special wheels
Special gearing, special tires, special jersey
Someone falls over on the first steep climb

Calling home to say who won
Who crashed, who flatted
How many racers were there

Drinking beer on a motel balcony
Unfamiliar labels bought at an unfamiliar grocery
Licking wounds and placing blame

Minor injuries accumulated day-by-day
Knees and elbows wrapped in white
Crash test practice mummys dressing by their cars

Final race of the season
Sunlight turning autumn into gold
Starters pistol, sprinting away from the line,
entering the
first corner...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bicyle Headlight Desk Lamp

Ever wondered what to do with your surplus bicycle headlamps... this interesting piece is currently on eBay-France:

Luxor Twin "65"s & Rack Combo

New pieces en route from Belgium... aluminum fenders and Luxor rack/twin-65s combo with partial "honeycomb" finish. Many, many thanks to Richard Jenkins in Liege for helping me obtain this set! Last picture shows a similar but fully-honeycomb set which sold recently on eBay.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

No.80 In Orbit Around Planet Luxor

Assorted Headlights

This assortment of headlights is on it's way from France. Just guessing at the manufacturers until I can get a better look. There's a Luxor partially-hammered (middle), and what I think is ar JOS (bottom row center). The larger light above the Luxor and Cibie (marked with a ? in a circle) has a lovely shape... I'm anxious to see what kind it is.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Close-ups of Radios No.18 Headlight

Here are some nice detail views of a Radios headlight seen recently on eBay-France. Text on the lever reads "TO OPEN, PRESS HERE".

Monday, November 10, 2008

Larger images of Radios Z-18 Outfit

Here are some larger pictures of another Radios Z-18 set with flush-mount taillight and Z-27 dynamo.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

NOS Radios Outfits

One seller on eBay France has been offering some beautiful NOS light sets. Here are a few examples.
#1 - Vitalux outfit with pinecone-shaped taillight. Great graphics on the box, nice sweeping crest over the bezel, and what appears to be a button switch or confirmation lens on top of the headlight.
#2 - Radios No.18 headlight with dynamo. Note how the crest above the bezel fits into an indention on the bezel, unlike the other Radios headlights below.
#3 - Radios No.16 outfit with No.27 dynamo and conical taillight.
#4 - Radios No.18 outfit with No.27 dynamo, this time with a flush-mounted taillight.
#5 - Radios Z-16 outfit with No.27 dynamo and flush-mounted taillight.
#6 - Radios Z-18 outifit with No.27 dynamo and flush-mount taillight.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Streamlined Luxor "80"

This lovely unit is a large Luxor "80" with streamlined sliding-bar switch on top, possibly for a mobylette. The switch gives it a very aerospace look.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Science Fiction Illumination

An assortment of interesting French lights found on eBay-France. There's more than a hint of Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers in these designs...

Rippled Aluminum

Another interesting find on French eBay - 650B fenders with nicely-curved steel wire rack, and Cibie lights and generator. Note the unusual rippled pattern of the aluminum fenders.

Hammered Luxor Headlamp

Found this one on eBay-France - a lovely Luxor "65" in alvéolé (honeycomb) finish, just waiting for some Simichrome. Note the hemispherical lens, and the mounting system on the rear leg, which allows for horizontal adjustment.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Headbadge for a Genius

Seen on eBay-Belgium, this headbadge would make a less-than-modest statement for the front of your bicycle. Poitiers is a city on the Vienne river, France.