Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grilled Luxor Headlight

Not from a bicycle, but rather a motorbike, this grill-fronted Luxor headlight is certainly worth a look. Has a 1930s comic book look to it. Note the options for the switch...

Peter Craig Martin emailed to explain that "Phare" and "Code" are the French equivalents for what we in the USA call "high beam" and "low beam".

Jan Heine added the following:

"Can't read the writing on the right and left near the screws. Is it a 2-position switch, or does it also toggle right and left? In the technical trials after the war, bikes had to have generator-powered lights, but also a provision for a standlight. This was before electronics in bicycle lights, so most makers used a small battery, and a similar switch, often even labeled "phare" and "code"."

Looks like the switch is labeled "DYN" (for "dynamo") on the left, and "PILE" (French for battery) on the right, so this is indeed a two-axis toggle switch. Thanks to Remo for explaining PILE in the comments.


Remo said...

It says "PILE" which is indeed French for "battery".

Remo said...

It says "PILE" which is indeed French for "battery".

Anonymous said...

someone from the netherlands is selling these to the chopper/bobber community for us$ 500.00 and up.