Friday, April 10, 2009

Peugeot Rack and Tool Boxes Donor Bike

Eric Meddaugh sent me the link to an auction for the same kind of bike that was the likely donor for the Peugeot rear rack and tool boxes. Thanks, Eric!

Bike is labelled Ruche and is described as "Exeptionnal old bike from the Peugeot Manufactures! Helium Series for Ruche's sellers! It seems come from the 1950's, the bike is fully working and in very good shape ( paint, chroms ans plastic are in very good condition). Of course, there is some rust and wear (usury) ! Everything on the bike is original only the tires who was too dry and we change it. Exeptionnal Parisian Gentleman Bicycle."

Wow. They could write copy for Happiness Go Fast Bicycle Company, Ltd. ;-)


reverend dick said...

What is the spring below the chainstay (connected to the derailer?) doing?

Those are some ca-razy brakes.

And, I don't know what happened to the pidgin dynamomic visibility post, but I liked it.

Aldo said...

That long "screen door" spring (best seen in the 5th photo) attaches to the upper end of the pulley cage and provides the pulley cage tension. Several early French derailleurs used that arrangement.

Zen said...

I really shouldn't read your blog, it inspires such lust and covetousness.
And we all know where that will get you. A house full of bikes and cereal for dinner.