Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Winter Training with the Pélissier Brothers, 1931

Charles, Henri, and Francis Pélissier out for a bit of winter-weather training, March of 1931. Plus-fours for Charles and Francis on the bicycles, breeches for Henri on the moto. Note the single brake and lack of forward fender section on Francis' bike, splash guards to protect Henri's legs.

Charles "l'Elegant" (b.1903) raced from 1922 until 1939, and won a mixed-bag of races, from the French Cyclocross Natioinals to the Critérium des As.

Henri (b.1889) raced from 1910 through 1928, and was a multiple stage winner and one of the starts of the Tour de France in the 1920s.

Francis (b.1894) raced from 1919 to 1932, winning a number of French National titles on road and cyclocross.

From "Match l'Intran" No.235, 10 March 1931.

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kaybar said...

Dear Sir,
I read your blog with great interest! My father, Gerard Loncke, was a Belgian cyclist in the 1930's.
Congratulations with your blog!