Saturday, February 20, 2010

Black-Out Light, But Is It Luxor?

Here's a bit of a mystery... Looks like this was designed to be a black-out light for use during WW2. But is it a Luxor? Nothing about the design or construction looks familiar. Note the unique mounting bracket at the bottom... I wonder what size this is? The slot says "Agree____ Luxor", but does that mean the maker was Agree, and the model name is Luxor? At first I thought the black-out hood was bent, but note how the bottom cuts-in to allow more light to reach the road in front of the wheel. I may try to buy it (French eBay), since it would make a fanciful addition to the collection.


Gunnar Berg said...

Tre cool! Nothing about the mounting bracket, etc looks Luxor does it? Agree? Never heard of it. Which means nothing of course.

Anonymous said...

In this context 'agree' means 'authorized' (for the use under black-out conditions) by an official institution - I don't know which authority was in charge of this in France around 1940, if it was a civil or a military one.
So I guess at least the black-out device was definitely made by Luxor (as all lighting devices had to be 'darkened', this device may have been retrofitted), and given approval by the respective authority afterwards - this would give a good explanation for the different types of lettering used in the two words.