Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Luxor "65" Headlight Variations

There are now two Luxor "65"s in the collection, apparently from different eras. The differences are more than just smooth vs hammered finishes:

Side-by-side the lights are nearly identical dimensionally, and the bezel-lens assemblies are interchangeable.

The lens designs are different - the smooth light has a smooth lens, while the hammered light has ribs molded into the lens interior.

The text inside the lensesdiffers - the letters in the smooth light have serifs, and the "Made In France" is considerably smaller (The broken lens is my fault - wasn't holding tightly enough when polishing at the bench grinder &#!@**#!).

Different too are the clasps which hold the lens assemblies in place - the smooth light uses a single clip held in place by a torsion spring (one side of this spring is broken off)...

...while the hammered light uses a two-piece clip and coil spring (note that the hammered pattern doesn't wrap all the way around the shell).

On the smooth light, the top of the lens assembly has two short knobs which fit inside a lip at the front of the shell to hold it in place. The hammered light has a single longer tab.

The bulb carrier with the smooth light has a brass clip-style wire anchor and simpler aluminum plug. The hammered light uses a pushbutton wire holder and a more complex form of plug.

I only included the last two pictures to help illustrate the difficulty of taking pictures in my house.

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