Monday, January 5, 2009

More Rarities from France

Seller "rhclassics" recently offered these items on eBay.

The Luxor taillight at the top has had the lens dislocated - it should fit inside the rolled-over section of the bezel.

The Comodo reflector is an interesting piece, with green-anodized aluminum and white (plastic? Nylon?) outer disk. Not sure why you'd need a reflector mounted on springs... perhaps to bounce back-n-forth for more visibility? Maybe so it can be bumped without breaking?

The JOS taillight has a broken lens, but replacements show up NOS from time to time. Beautiful design, very curvy and nicely proportioned. A high-dollar item.

The final unidentified egg-shaped taillight looks well-made. The screw mounting reminds me of Radios or PYB... perhaps I'll know more when it arrives and I can look inside.


Gunnar Berg said...

I like the unknown teardrop tail light. It would really look good with any teardrop headlight, particularily the Luxors.

Incidently,the Assenbacher is beautiful - nice subtle red details, perfect fender line. I find it a little irritating when someone has a nice bike and doesn't spend the fussy time to mount the fenders well.

Gunnar Berg said...

Sorry, Assenmacher.