Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aluminum Bottles Available Again!


(above: Jean Robic collects a few "Nescafé" aluminum bottles before a stage of the Tour de France.)

It's been many years since real aluminum bottles were available. Replaced beginning in the late 1950s by plastic bottles, the beautiful shining aluminum have been one of the Holy Grails of vintage bicycle parts.

An Ohio manufacturer has re-introduced aluminum bottles to the market. Decorated with printed logos (mostly blue in color) with mirror-finish aluminum details and spouts, these colorful bottles are sure to be a favorite among the retro crowd.

I can hardly wait to buy a couple and try them out!



Gunnar Berg said...

I've noticed it before, professional riders in old photos tend to look older than now. At first I attributed to the age filter that the bikes, clothes and cameras cast, but even so, a lot of them look like middle-aged men.

-Curious in Minnesota

reverend dick said...

It must have been the aluminum bottles.