Monday, May 25, 2009

Dilecta Women's Bike

Found this is on eBay-France... a Dilecta women's bike. Wish the pictures were better - the bike doesn't look like much at first, but note the 650Bs, honeycomb fenders, Luxor honeycomb headlight (missing its lens) and taillight, bouble rear reflectors, and interesting rear rack with tool boxes. Seller says bike is from 1920s-1930s, but I'm guessing more like 1950s, or at least updated then. It's "local pick-up only", so we probably won't ever know for certain.

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paul said...

Bonjour from France

I've just find your excellent blog while searching Dilecta in google. I have a 1920's (,_V%C3%A9lo_homme,_ann%C3%A9es_1920).
I like old french bikes too. I live in Perigord so it is easy to find 1910's to 1960's bikes.
You can contact me at paulrobillard[at], I can help you if you search some things.

see you later


ps: sorry for my english, I hope you will understand me