Sunday, May 3, 2009

That Darned Ukelele (a short story based on a collection of photos I found in a junk shop)

My brother's girlfriend Fern Olmstead is coming for a visit, along with her entire family. And look - Fern has brought her ukelele again.., how nice.

But wait! Looks like Fern's mom, Mrs. Olmstead, plays the ukelele too! Well, this is going to be a special occasion.

At least my brother Eli will get to spend some quality time with Fern... and her ukelele, of course.

Seems like Fern can't go anywhere without that darned thing. What are they, joined at the elbow or something?

Well... I suppose it is nice of her to let me have a go at the thing. :::plunk plunk plunk:::

Evening shadows may grow long, but Fern never seems to tire of strumming away.

Eventually even Eli has to gave it a try.

Sadly, Fern's brother Phinneas isn't musically inclined, and must find other amusements.

1 comment:

Zen said...

I wouldn't say Phineas isn't musically inclined.
Where do you think they get all those ukelele strings from?