Friday, February 6, 2009

Knobbly Luxors Arrive

Well, as luck would have it I was right about the "knobbly" Luxors - this is the only set of these I've seen (so far). The pattern consists of rows of raised square "tents" (pyramids?), larger at the front of the light and smaller at the tail, alternating with recessed lines tapering smaller at the tail. Note difference in the patterns on the headlight and taillight. The pattern on the taillight is less-well defined, and the tapered lines are different in composition. The clasp on the headlight is damaged and bent, and the square opening it fits into is also damaged and torn, but I think I can save it. The lens of the taillight is of the "concentric rings" pattern, very dirty with some scratches, but no fractures and should polish-up nicely. So what is this pattern called, and which mud guards does it match?

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Gunnar Berg said...

And to think, a few years ago, in my ignorance, I thought I really had something when I had honeycomb Luxors which matched my Honjos. Little did I know. Thanks for all the wonderful information.