Thursday, March 26, 2009


I goofed... again! Messing-about with the new handlebar bag, I bumped the unattached Luxor rack, which slid off the front fender and onto the hard floor lenses-first. Only broke one, but it was the side with the special gasket and fitting to allow for two headlights powered by one wire. Pretty much no chance of finding a replacement lens assembly like this, so I'm gonna have to disassemble a "normal" Luxor 65 to steal the lens, then figure out how to roll the bezel around it. For now I can borrow a normal lens assembly from one of the other lights.

That lens is gonna be TOUGH to replace.

If you have one of these headlights BE CAREFUL, they are EXTREMELY BRITTLE! This makes two I've broken.



Gunnar Berg said...

Ohhhhhhwwwwaaa. At times like this I become very fatalistic.

Gunnar Berg said...

Let's not panic. Yeah right? When you say "roll the bezel around it", are you talking about the frontside or the back. I would strongely advise working from the backside, removing the bevel/lens from the reflector assembly on both (working a knife under the rear lip) and then making the switch. All aldoing would be hidden inside the light when assembled.

Gunnar Berg said...

I suppose the reflector is insulated from the light on the broken light isn't it? It'd have to be to run them parallel.

Aldo said...

Can't insert it from the back no matter what I do - the lens is larger diameter than the shoulder on the back of the bezel.

At least I can now post some pics of the disassembled assembly.