Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shiny Deck

The deck is polishing up nicely. This is after just 10 minutes at the buffing wheel. Still a few scratches and some discoloration in the deepest areas of the hexagons, but another round of tripoli or white rouge, followed by some red rouge, and I think it will be finished.

I found a manufacturing defect in the right headlight which might shed a bit of light on the manufacturing process (see area outlined in red). The flaw is almost perfectly circular, and almost matches the size of the holes stamped in the front of the deck. Perhaps a stamped slug got caught between the form and the headlight shell during stamping???

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Gunnar Berg said...

A slug in the shell from the punched hole in the deck? If the same tool made the flat deck and the headlight shell would this imply that the cells were indexed somehow and stamped individually? Of course the slug could have just stuck at random in the shop grease inside the shell or in the die and got bashed by the punch. Which begs the question; have you determined which side its punched from? I was just assuming it was tool on outside - die on inside. Hell, I'm going to have to go downstairs and really look close at a light. Its late.